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One of the wonderful things about a seasonal business is having the time to reflect on the past while coming up with new ideas for the future!

For 2016 we’re proud to announce our partnership with Artisans on Main Artists’ Gallery in Souris, Prince Edward Island. Art has an amazing way of expressing the people, culture and land that makes every community unique. We hope that by showcasing our talented local artists we’ll help you understand us a little more.

Each of our guest rooms features original artwork created and crafted by Eastern Prince Edward Island artists. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you the best of our community. If you fall in love with a piece we can arrange for you to take it home. 100% of the proceeds will go to the artist. You can also see some of the works in our other rooms here on our web site.

Donna White

Donna grew up in Souris, and now lives in Stratford, where she has her home studio. Watercolor is her medium of choice for the past 25 years. She has always loved the translucency, as well as the density of working with colour and how the results can invoke reactions and feelings. “I have been fascinated with how colour can transform anything from the mundane to the spectacular. I love the transparent quality of watercolour and the notion that you get one chance to work the colour and then, voila!”

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Jared Perry

Jared Perry was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. After receiving a BFA from Mount Allison University, he has been active as a multidisciplinary artist in the Island artistic community. Working primarily in acrylic paintings and drawings, Jared depicts the Island perspective in a contemporary and expressive manner. Some of Jared's notable achievements include: Participant in a group expedition at Owen's Art Gallery 2009 (Sackville, NB), Winner of February Art Battle 2015 (Charlottetown, PE) and displaying an instillation at Art in the Open 2015 (Charlottetown, PE). You can currently view his work at Uptown Lounge and The Inn at Bay Fortune. He is very excited to be working on his upcoming solo exhibition that will be displayed at The Gallery @ The Guild in September 2016.

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JoAnne Dunphy

JoAnne lives in Souris, and is an award-winning photographer. She has been an avid gardener for 30 years and is a member of the PEI Rural Beautification Society. She has also been a National Judge for the Communities in Bloom Program, involved in judging communities across Canada. During her years of gardening, she has learned to appreciate the beauty of our Country. She uses photographs to show her vision and love of the beauty we all enjoy on PEI.

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Justin MacKenzie

Justin MacKenzie is a second-generation woodworker from Fortune, PEI. He was initiated into the craft of woodworking as a teenager growing up in his father's shop. After completing high school, Justin went on to study Entrepreneurship at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, then returned home to pursue a license in Cabinetmaking from Holland College in Summerside, PEI. While studying for his license, Justin apprenticed under his father, local woodworker Boyd MacKenzie, with over 25 years of experience. After completing his apprenticeship, Justin then went on to learn the art of carving spruce burls from local hobbyist and artisan Jack Jans. Justin carved his first ladle in 2013 and it has been a labour of love ever since. Justin continues to live in Fortune.

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Karen MacKinnon

Born and raised in Bear River, she uses wood & seaglass to make re-purposed art. Karen credits her mother for instilling an appreciation and an eye for the beauty in the world around us, including those 'tossed to the curb' items that, with a little TLC and some creativity, become repurposed and take on a new life. Her mother showed her how to repurpose all types of items and her brother taught her how to safely use wood working tools. Her love of both wood-working and paint has never diminished --- “I feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride turning an old deck board into a flower print or new shelf”. Some of her most treasured and creative pieces are items that were once discarded by their previous owner and now have a new, repurposed life. “Never hold the history of something against its possibilities --- you are denying beauty and growth.”

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Michael Shumate

Michael lives in Cardigan. Of the many things that can be said about Michael as an artist, versatile might be at the top of the list. He is an experienced painter in oils, acrylic and gouache, all in multiple styles. He also has pioneered several unconventional techniques that may be unique to himself: multi-layered hand-cut hand-stenciled prints and linocut style giclée prints, for two. Rarely content with less than a 70-hour week, he is the proof of the adage that change is as good as a rest. These are some of his websites:, and

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Nancy Lee-Ching

Nancy’s home studio is in Red Point, and she began drawing in childhood. She graduated from the Commercial Design Program at Holland College in Charlottetown, and has worked as a freelance artist ever since. She has created works for the Confederation Center, Design Associates, Cricket Magazine for Children, P.E.I. Tourism, and other groups and publications; as well as commissioned jobs in the areas of portraiture, posters, book illustration and calligraphy. Ching especially enjoys working with pen and ink, graphite, watercolor, and colored pencil. Ching works in a variety of styles – from whimsical to realism and she enjoys portraying the amazing beauty that can be found in simple things.

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Paula Sheehan

Paula is an Island born artist, who lives in Fortune. Working in Acrylic and Watercolours, she is particularly drawn to lighthouses because they show the "Way Home". Paula has come full circle back to her Island roots where she works with children and is introducing them into the world of Art. She nurtures her creative side by painting and decorating as she settles back into her beautiful Island home. What better place to create emotional engaging Island Art, than right here on PEI.

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Sheri-Lee Langlois

It was a dream of mine to return one day to Prince Edward Island where I fell in love with Anne and the Cavendish Dunes on family vacations. After 40 years in Alberta, retirement allowed my dream to become real. I found a little cottage in Goose River that I’m bringing back to life with lots of paint, some gardening, and some expansion - for visits from grandchildren! I first learned to cross-stitch in 1982. I loved the rhythm of the stitching and the effects that could be created, simply with thread and fabric. Since joining Artisans on Main, I’ve experimented with original designs and textures that reflect Island life, humour, and scenery. Two years ago, I began adding other items such as beadwork to the stitching in order to give the work a broader appeal. Presently, I am accepting commissions to stitch peoples’ Island homes – to scale. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it!

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Teri Hall

Teri Hall, of Fire & Water Creations, is a trained silversmith and creates original jewelry, inspired by the ocean, in a colorful palette of genuine sea glass and sterling silver. Teri is also a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and teaches this yoga of awareness, with passion for its transformative power. As she walks the endless shorelines of her Island home gathering precious sea gems, she sees gifts from nature created in places of great beauty, peace and timelessness. In turn, she gives this gift to you. If you have your own glass, Teri will also custom design a piece especially for you or a loved one. Teri is also the author of “ A Sea Glass Journey.”

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Wendy Jones

Wendy delights in the eclectic. While sky, land, and seascapes in oil are an overarching theme in her visual arts work, she also uses acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pen and ink. Abstracts and portraits are a part of her repertoire. Wendy has exhibited in juried art shows, solo and group exhibitions in BC, PEI and Holland. In her home, the Old Belle River Church, she hosts everything from visual arts and photography exhibitions to concerts and dances. Wendy also produces festivals, concerts and variety shows and is currently producing experimental videos showcasing her poems, prose, songs and photographs. In 2014 Wendy and Teresa Doyle published the PEI Folk Songbook. Her book of personal poetry and song lyrics will be published this year.

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